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Summary For Policymakers - Accelerating Progress: An Empowered, Inclusive and Equal Asia and the Pacific

25 Mar 2019
Asia-Pacific SDG Partnership
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While millions of people in the Asia-Pacific region have prospered, there are groups, communities and families that remain disempowered, vulnerable and marginalized over generations. How can people be made agents of change of their own futures – become empowered – and how can barriers to equality be addressed? 

The ESCAP-ADB-UNDP report Accelerating progress: An empowered, inclusive and equal Asia and the Pacific presents a framework for translating the aspiration of leaving no one behind into concrete policy action. The framework sets the foundations for a comprehensive policy agenda that cuts across sectors, development actors and thematic areas and is informed by the experiences of, and challenges facing the Asia-Pacific region. 

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Percentage of people with disabilities covered by social protection systems, 2016

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